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A kaleidoscopic adventure across the world"s continents, city by city, in search of the best urban photographic art With over 640 photographs! More people than ever before live in the city, which critic Susan Sontag once described as "a landscape of voluptuous extremes". The energetic, ever-changing pace of the metropolis has long lured photographers to capture, often candidly, the chaos, character and incident of modern urban life. Its theatre of the everyday and the ordinary continues to inspire extraordinary art and holds up a mirror to our public world. Including classic documentary street photography as well as images of urban landscapes, portraits and staged performances, The World Atlas of Street Photography focuses on an abundance of photography that has been created on street corners around the globe including: Daido Moriyama as he roams the cramped, winding back alleys of Tokyo Joel Meyerowitz"s extraordinary archive of New York"s Ground Zero in the days after the 9/11 attacks Alexey Titarenko as he uses long exposures to recast his home town of St Petersburg as a haunting city of shadows Remarkable beach scenes of Rio de Janeiro with Julio Bittencourt Katy Grannan's portraits of the hustlers and strutters on Hollywood Boulevard New York"s hip-hop culture seen by Nikki S. Lee, artfully disguised to expose preconceptions on race and identity

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Nazwa: The World Atlas of Street Photography
Oprawa: Twarda
Kod ISBN: 9780500544365
Kod EAN: 9780500544365
Rok wydania
Rok wydania: 2015
Język: angielski
Format: 22.5x24.0cm
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Ilość stron: 400
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